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Airgas USA, LLC


6055 Rockside Woods Blvd.
Independence, OH 44131-2301

Airgas USA, LLC. is a national distributor of industrial, medical, specialty gases, and related hardware, such as welding equipment and supplies. Airgas also produces safety products, dry ice, liquid carbon dioxide, various process chemicals, refrigerants and ammonia products. Airgas operates facilities across all phases of production, including sales branches, retail stores, gas fill plants, specialty gas labs, production facilities, and distribution centers. In addition to Airgas’ broad market reach, it also offers a full range of medical gases, medical gas equipment and supplies to hospitals, medical, dental, and veterinary offices and home healthcare providers. Airgas Medical has a complete offering of medical gases and equipment, including the Safe Sedate Nasal Mask and Safe Sedate Flowmeter, portable oxygen & nitrous oxide units, portable flowmeters and stands, and oxygen resuscitation Equipment. Airgas operates many locations around Ohio.

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Phone: (216) 642-6600
Region: Northeast
County: Cuyahoga
Primary NAICS: 424690
Secondary NAICS: 325120

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Listing Title: Airgas USA, LLC

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