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Alphyn Biologics, LLC



Cincinnati, OH 45212

Alphyn Biologics, LLC is advancing therapy for skin diseases with its patent pending AB-101 technology platform. Alphyn solves 2 of the largest medical challenges to mankind – infectious skin diseases including MRSA drug resistant skin infections, and skin cancer. Alphyn is the leader in multi-targeted therapeutics as a result of our patent pending AB-101 technology platform. AB-101 is plant-derived and has over 270 compounds to target and fight diseases. The result is improved effectiveness and reduced chance of resistance for our products because they have multiple ways to fight and cure diseases. Our unique combination of plant-derived and multi-targeted therapeutics results in significant advantages in reduced time and cost to obtain regulatory approvals.

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Phone: (513) 432-4182
Region: Southwest
County: Hamilton
Primary NAICS: 3254
Secondary NAICS: 54171

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Listing Title: Alphyn Biologics, LLC

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