The Ohio Bioscience Resource Directory

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The Ohio Bioscience Resource Directory is the most comprehensive collection of Ohio bioscience companies, organizations, research centers, suppliers and service providers.

Originally launched by BioOhio in 1988, the Directory profiles bioscience firms, large and small, well-known to startup, in areas including medical devices, pharmaceuticals & therapeutics, agricultural biotechnology, research & development, health & life science IT, and lab services. With a robust scope that also includes bio-focused professional services and educational resources, the Directory is a single source for information on Ohio’s bioscience ecosystem.

Content in the Directory is created and manged by BioOhio, not sourced from third party providers. If your company is located in Ohio, and not already profiled in the Directory, click here to submit your free application to be listed.

Industry Categories

Medical Device & Equipment Manufacturers deliver a wide range of products including surgical supplies and instruments, orthopedic implants, hospital equipment, advanced diagnostic imaging systems, electromedical devices, mobility aids, laboratory equipment, and much more. Ranging from simple hand tools to highly complex, computerized devices, this sector utilizes materials and techniques that span the entire manufacturing sector.

Companies are organized in the following sub-categories:? Medical Instruments & Supplies, Electromedical Devices, Medical & Laboratory Equipment, Diagnostics & Testing Kits, Animal & Veterinary Products, Ophthalmic Goods, and Implantable Medical Devices.

Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics represents companies developing and manufacturing medicinal, botanical, and biological products for both therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Pharmaceuticals can be found in a variety of forms, some being well established medicines available at pharmacies in every town and others at the highly experimental stage, just entering clinical trials on their way toward regulatory approval.

Companies are organized in the following sub-categories:? Prescription Pharmaceuticals, Regenerative Medicine & Tissue Engineering, Nutraceuticals & Supplements, Biological & Botanical Product Manufacturing, Animal & Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, and Reagents & Laboratory Supplies.

Research & Development organizations in Ohio work to advance new discoveries and translate research into products, treatments, and services. This sector includes a wide range of organizations and private companies that include contract research organizations and clinical trial facilities. Bioscience research is thriving within academic institutions and health systems, with many groundbreaking concepts being developed by teachers, physicians and caregivers.

Organizations are found in the following sub-categories:? Clinical Trial Facilities, Contract Research Organizations, Clinical Research Support, Device Design & Development, Contract Research Labs, and Academic & Non-Profit Institutions.

Agricultural Biotechnology applies life science knowledge, biochemistry, and biotechnologies to the processing of agricultural goods, organic chemicals as well as biofuels and bio-based materials. Examples of products include: ethanol, biodiesel, bio-based polymers & chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, biodegradable materials synthesized from plant-based feedstock, sustainable industrial oils and lubricants, biocatalysts, and feed additives and ingredients.

Companies are organized in the following sub-categories: BioFuels, Ethanol Manufacturing, Green / Renewable Products, Environmental Services, Organic Chemical Manufacturing, Organic Fiber Manufacturing, Fertilizer Manufacturing & Mixing, Agricultural Chemical & Pesticide Manufacturing, Food & Seed Processing, and Animal Nutrition.

Laboratories provide critical analytical and medical imaging services for healthcare providers, as well as drug development and analysis work for pharmaceutical companies and research organizations. The Directory also profiles environmental, material analysis, and quality assurance labs. Laboratories operate throughout Ohio, many as independent facilities and others as part of national health networks.

Laboratories profiled in the Directory are organized in the following sub-categories: Medical Labs, Environmental & Analytical Labs, Diagnostic Imaging Centers, Drug & Alcohol Testing Labs, Medical Product Labs, and Quality Assurance & Testing.

Digital Health (aka Healthcare IT & Life Science IT) companies develop software and technology to expand the capabilities of the bioscience industry, reduce healthcare costs, and improve patient care across the state. Digital Health companies are developing robust informatics solutions for clinical trials management, genomic testing, personalized medicine, and other areas of health data development which will revolutionize the practice of medicine.

BioOhio has identified four categories as focus areas within the field: Technology & Research, Medical Records, Patient Wellness, and Practice Management & Revenue.

Bioscience Education Institutions can be found across Ohio, providing instruction at all levels from middle school through advanced degrees. Through intensive STEM education, specialized programs, industry partnerships, and especially the involvement of dedicated teachers, student interest in the biosciences continues to grow.

Institutions profiled in the Directory include: K-12 Schools, Career Centers, Community Colleges, Vocational Training Programs, Medical Colleges, and Universities.

Contract Manufacturers & Suppliers range from firms that provide key materials or ingredients to those that manufacture, assemble, package, and distribute products—including many that are ISO 13485 certified to manufacture medical devices and equipment.

Contract manufacturer & supplier companies are organized in the following sub-categories: Metalworking, Polymer Products, Device Materials & Process Equipment, Medical Equipment Repair & Service, Pharmaceutical Suppliers, Pharmaceutical Process Equipment, Raw Materials & Ingredients, and Electronics.

Professional Services & Business Assistance companies include firms providing first class resources in the areas of regulatory and reimbursement, pre-clinical and clinical assessment, product design, quality assurance, engineering, sales and marketing, legal counsel, IT, training, and more.

Professional Services companies are organized in the following sub-categories: Architecture & Construction, Business Incubators, Communications / Marketing, Consulting, Economic Development, Financial / Capital Investment, Insurance, Legal / IP, Talent, Regulatory Affairs, Reimbursement & Revenue, Service IT, and Associations & Non-Profit Groups.

Distribution & Packaging companies enable the delivery of finished products to healthcare providers and patients in the clinical, long term care, and residential settings. Durable medical equipment, mobility aids, respiratory equipment, medications, personal care supplies, home safety equipment, and other goods that enhance and maintain patients’ quality of life all enter the market through this sector.

Companies within this category are organized in the following fields: Medical Device Distribution, Pharmaceutical Distribution, Contract Packaging, Packaging Materials & Equipment, Logistics, Laboratory Supplies Distribution, and Contract Sterilization.

Consumer Products represents goods and services, beyond over-the-counter medicines and medical goods, sold to the general populace. Research efforts and manufacturing principles found in the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors often overlap with companies offering personal care products, cosmetics and other human-contact products. This sector also includes bio-based products that may not fit within other Directory categories, such as organic cleaning products.

Companies are organized in the following sub-categories: Cosmetics, Personal Care & Lifestyle Products, Wearables & Apps, and Bio-based Cleaning Products.

Photos, from top to bottom: AtriCure, Athersys, Battelle, BioHio Research Park, Chromocare, The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, University of Cincinnati ProPEL, Criterion Tool, Sequent, STERIS Corporation, and P&G.